NEW SHOW START TIME: 3pm, Gates Open at 2pm

posted May 28, 2014, 5:16 PM by HighCountry HorseClub

Effective for our June 14th Fun Show, HCHC will begin its shows at 3pm.  Gates will open at 2pm.  HCHC had a very large crowd at our May Fun Show.  We are adding the time to the show to ensure that everyone is able to enter and compete in desired classes.  Please share this update with your friends and family.  HCHC reserves the right to combine or cancel any classes with less than 3 entries.

Please consider volunteering at HCHC Horse Shows.  As our membership base continues to grow, more hands are always needed to ensure that our shows are as effective as possible.

Thank you for your outstanding support of HCHC! 

May Show to be held on May 17th

posted May 10, 2014, 4:31 AM by HighCountry HorseClub

Due to overnight rainfall and the forecasted 70% chance of rain and thunderstorms, HCHC will be postponing its May 10th Fun Show.  It will now be held on the reserved rain date, May 17th, with gates opening at 3pm and the show starting at 5pm. The class list will be the same as posted.

Thank you for supporting HCHC as it navigates the rainy weather!  Here's to some sunshine.


posted Apr 17, 2014, 4:45 PM by HighCountry HorseClub

2014 ARENA WORK DAY: Saturday April 12th 10am - 4pm

posted Feb 22, 2014, 9:33 PM by HighCountry HorseClub   [ updated Feb 22, 2014, 9:33 PM ]

HCHC Will host its 2014 Arena Work Day on Saturday April 12th, from 10 am- 4pm.  HCHC will need many volunteers to prepare our arena for show season.  Please invite your friends and family.  Volunteers will be needed to construct our arena, work arena footing, clean and paint our jump standards, and prepare our concessions area.  This is a great opportunity to earn volunteer hours!  Free lunch will be provided to all volunteers.

We look forward to seeing you at Heritage Park, in Newland, NC!

Arena Work Day Rain Date:  April 19th 10am - 4pm.

HCHC MEETING Set for Feb 8th!

posted Jan 24, 2014, 6:40 AM by HighCountry HorseClub

HCHC will have its first club meeting on February 8th.  The meeting will be held at 3pm, at the Avery Country Morrison Public Library in Newland, NC.

Please join us at our first HCHC meeting of the year. We will be recapping our 2013 season as well as discussing goals for our 2014 season.

If you would like to have a detailed meeting agenda prior to the club meeting, please email:

You do not have to be a HCHC Member to attend club meetings. We encourage everyone with interest in the horse club to attend! Invite your friends and family!

You MUST be a 2014 HCHC Season Member to participate in any 2014 officer elections. This includes both nominating individuals for officer positions, as well as accepting nominations for officer roles.  

2014 Membership Fees: Individual $15, Family (up to 5 members) $25

(Prices subject to change as season progresses)

See you there!

2013 Year End Survey

posted Dec 17, 2013, 8:53 AM by HighCountry HorseClub   [ updated Dec 17, 2013, 8:55 AM ]

Hi everyone!  At HCHC, we value your opinions and constantly seek to make the club a better, more enjoyable place.  Please take the time to complete our 2013 Year End Survey by visiting the link below:

Survey results will be discussed at our first club meeting of 2014. 

A Special Thank You

posted Aug 16, 2013, 8:27 PM by HighCountry HorseClub   [ updated Dec 17, 2013, 8:51 AM ]

High Country Horse Club would like to extend a special thank you to the following individuals:

Amanda Haun
Robin Ollis
Elk Mountain Riding Company
Whitni Freeman
Tonya Birchfield
Charlie Jameson
Scott Jameson
Johanna Jameson
Pamela Jablonski
Teddy Jablonski
The Hamilton Family
David Mull
Bill Watson
Ryan Sye
The Hicks Family
The Shell Family
Phyllis Campbell
Angie Haun
Eve Duncan (We miss you!) 
The Avery Co. Extension Office
Watauga County 4H
Our great ribbon runners!
Anyone who worked the gate, picked up trash, or helped in any way big or small at the horse club!
Our great 2013 season sponsors!
Also, to the old faces, welcome back!  And to the new... welcome to the HCHC family!
We mean it when we say we couldn't have do it without your help!  


posted Jul 27, 2013, 8:33 AM by HighCountry HorseClub

We are sad to announce that our July 27th Fun Show has been cancelled.  Heavy showers moved through the area this morning that flooded our arena and the fairgrounds.  Our benefit costume contest for the Avery Co. mudslide victims will be held during our August 10th Show.  If you are interested in volunteering at a possible rain date show next weekend, August 3rd, please email the club at to let us know your availability.
Thank you for supporting the horse club!

Join us at our July 27th Fun Show, help out a local family!

posted Jul 21, 2013, 7:20 AM by HighCountry HorseClub   [ updated Jul 23, 2013, 1:57 PM ]

HCHC July 27th Fun Show
Gates Open 3pm
Show Starts 5pm

Member Classes $3 Non-members $5
$15 Members
$20 Non-Members 
Class list posted here:

We will be having a special costume contest at this show, with all proceeds benefitting the Avery County mudslide victims.  Everyone, every age and with or without horses, is encouraged to enter.  The entry fee is whatever you are able to donate.  All money collected will be given to Reaching Avery Ministry.
This is a great way to have some fun while also helping out those in need!  

Remember, this is your last chance to earn points for our year end awards!

Come show with us!
 Invite your friends and family too!

June 29th Fun Show Class List!

posted Jun 22, 2013, 7:30 PM by HighCountry HorseClub   [ updated Jun 22, 2013, 7:32 PM ]

High Country Horse Club
June 29th Fun Show

Join us as we celebrate Independence Day!

Gates Open 3pm
Show Starts 5pm

Member Classes $3 Non-members $5
$15 Members
$20 Non-Members 
Special prizes will be awarded!

1) Judged Trail Class
$5 Entry. For those who wish to take it slow and be judged on the trail course.  Ribbons awarded.
2) Timed Trail Class
$5 Entry. Fastest time to complete ALL obstacles wins $25!

-10 Minute Break- Please help us take down trail course.-  
3) Most Patriotic Lil Cowboy/Cowgirl
All children are invited to dress up and show off their American Pride, with or without horses!  We invite the community to join in on this class.  All entries 
      will receive a special prize as we celebrate our nation's independence.
4) Most Patriotic Horse and Rider
We invite our HCHC show participants to dress up themselves and their horses in this patriotic contest!  Prizes awarded to most patriotic entrants! 
5) Fun Halter 12 & Under
6) Fun Halter All Ages
7) Ride-A-Buck
Bring your own dollar, winner keeps all!
8) Lead Line
Free entry, waiver must be signed.  Participation ribbon given.
9) Beginner Riders Walk Only Class
10) Fun Go As You Please (All ages, breeds, and disciplines)
Stick Horse Race for children in arena. 
11) 12 & Under Western Pleasure Go as You Please 
12) Western Pleasure Walk/Jog
13) Open Western Pleasure Walk/Jog/Lope
14) 12 & Under English Walk/Trot
15) English Walk/Trot
16) Open English Walk/Trot/Canter
17) 12 & Under Gaited Go As You Please
18) Open Gaited Go As You Please
19) Equitation Pattern Class
English, western, or gaited!  Give it a try!
20) Equitation over Cross Rails
21) Hunter over Fences 2'
Three Legged Race in arena, everyone invited!
22) Toilet Paper Race
Teams of two share a line of toilet paper while announcer calls out                    
      directions.  Last team with TP intact wins!
23) Catalog Race
The announcer calls out a page number, fastest time to retrieve their 
page and cross timer wins!
24) Potato Race
Fastest time to get a potato in the bucket wins.  
25) Texas Barrels
Fastest time to weave through the barrels wins.
Sack Race for children in the arena!  
26) Lil Britches Barrels
12 & Under, may have lead line/handler. Will be short pattern.
27) Big Britches Barrels
15 & Under, no lead line.  Beginners only. No cross entry into open.
(May be split into Big Britches "A" 12 & Under and Big Britches "B" 13-15 IF 3+ Entries in each division)
28) Fun Barrels
All ages and skill levels, FOR FUN!
29) Open Barrels
$5 Entry, 50% Payback to Winner
30) Lil Britches Poles
12 & Under, may have lead line/handler.  Will be short pattern.
31) Big Britches Poles
15 & Under, no lead line.  Beginners only. No cross entry into open.
(May be split into Big Britches "A" 12 & Under and Big Britches "B" 13-15 IF 3+ Entries in each division)
32) Fun Poles
All ages and skill levels, FOR FUN!
33) Open Poles
$5 Entry, 50% Payback to Winner

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